3 to the 3rd believes at our core that the value of knowledge emerges when it is shared and not kept secret. A short time window  exists to transfer our skills and experience in addressing business issues. Senior 3 to the 3rd team members will leave the workforce in the next 5 to 10 years. We have a heightened sense of urgency and obligation to transfer our knowledge within the short time window that exists right now.

One aspect of out talent strategy is to bring on-board only those consultants who desire to pass on knowledge and wisdom gained over their decades-long careers. We gained and continue to add to this body of knowledge through our global experiences in numerous industries, all business functions, all issues, and all sizes of companies.

From the start of an engagement to its end, we consult in an educative manner. During each interaction, 3 to the 3rd enables your people to learn.

We are not knowledge hoarders but knowledge sharers. We have a vast amount of intellectual property which we willingly give to clients through the full-cycle of a relationship with 3 to the 3rd.

We do, however, hold confidential client identities associated with specific artifacts and work products used to educate others.

financial improvement

Is your firm experiencing lackluster financial results below expectations of your equity holders and creditors? 3 to the 3rd helps you determine and fix the root causes impeding increases to your firm's valuation whether driven by EBITDA or EPS.

We perform a thorough decomposition of your past and projected financial performance from the perspective of maximizing the valuation of your firm and its ability to service debt.

We determine with you, your leadership team, your organization, and your firm's financial stakeholders specific value milestones laid out as a roadmap to improvement.

The identification and implementation of targeted improvement initiatives, tracking to the Value Roadmap, follow.

Together with you, 3 to the 3rd measures progress of each financial improvement initiative and the degree to which your firm meets or exceeds the expectations of financial stakeholders.

Mergers, acquisitions. lines-of-business, shared services.

With business combination experience beginning the 1980s, 3 to the 3rd helps you integrate enterprises, business units, and functions with speed, predictability, transparency, and control.

3 to the 3rd uses a method, based on best practices, tailor-made to your needs,  to plan, execute. monitor, and remediate combination programs.

Throughout the course of combinations, we leverage 12 critical success factors and track value against them:

  1. Focus on customers
  2. Sense of urgency
  3. Shared vision
  4. Financial value add
  5. Visible  leadership
  6. Management alignment
  7. Organizational momentum
  8. Relentless embrace of change
  9. Stakeholder involvement
  10. Holistic approach
  11. Disciplined execution
  12. Continuous learning

Strategic initiative execution

Our Services

knowledge transfer

Collectively, 3 to the 3rd team members bring a portfolio of 150+ successfully executed global strategic initiatives. This is by design not by luck. We enlist only business executives and management consultants who have on average 25 years of experience.‚Äč

Our projects  span  numerous issues in innovation, operations & process improvement, organization restructuring, . information technology, strategy, financial performance, and complete corporate transformations.

With 3 times the experience of the mid-level consultants from other firms, we are able to quickly focus on the practical and tactical realities of managing projects in a big picture context.

We do not apply project management tools for tools' sake. We select, or create, the right tools for the job at hand.

We believe executing strategies, whether at the corporate, business unit, functional, or cross-functional levels, requires a holistic approach integrating 7 key components:

  1. Strategy alignment
  2. Customer focus
  3. Financial performance
  4. People
  5. Process
  6. Technology
  7. Change Management

Business Advisory

We Increase the Valuation of Your Firm